Machine Lawyering Conference 2021: Human Sovereignty and Machine Efficiency in the Law

On Thursday, January 14, Machine Lawyering will launch its second annual conference, which will run until Saturday, January 16. This year, in addition to over 40 innovative works by scholars in Asia, Europe and North America, we have five groundbreaking keynote papers chosen on a competitive basis:

First, Francisco de Elizalde of IE University, Spain, will present his latest theoretical and empirical work on the ability of law to be codified into automated systems used in the growing field of legaltech. His work shows a certain affinity between conceptually organized Civil Law and the logical needs of legal technology.

Second, Will Cong of Cornell University, USA, will present a paper based on extensive empirical data showing that much activity reported on cryptocurrency exchanges appears to be "wash" trading that manipulates the exchange's ranking and prominence. This paper will have far reaching consequences for our accurate understanding of the importance and future of cryptocurrencies.

Third, Bar Fargon Mizrahi of Bar Ilan University, Israel, will present a paper arguing that the context in which terms of service and privacy policies of mobile applications are offered and accepted creates a broad spectrum of ethical risks relating to issues such as data handling practices, predictive analysis, limitations on legal action, and consent.

Fourth, Jiarui Liu of Stanford University, USA, will present his model for a copyright exchange based on distributed ledger technology (aka blockchain) to dramatically improve the efficiency and accuracy of copyright transactions by hardcoding thousands of copyright rules and license terms in blockchain-based smart contracts.

Fifth, Heng Wang of the University of New South Wales, Australia, and Simin Gao of Tsinghua University, China, will present their recent paper setting out a network analysis of central bank digital currency (CBDC) that explains the expected impact of CBDC on the future of policy prescription effectiveness and relative power of players in the international financial system.

As said, these keynote presentations will be accompanied by over 40 papers on topics ranging from the ethical ramifications of AI and the competition and privacy law challenges of the digital economy to new digital products and solutions in the financial and legal industries.

Please do join us. You can register at this link, and more information about the conference is available here. The program is attached below.

Programme for Machine Lawyering 2021 080
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