• Timothy R McBride

Energetic Transparency through Photovoltaic Money?

We would like this opportunity to introduce a concept that could change this current world in a very profound way. Of late we have noticed a lot of people on this planet are reaching out to new technology that can help them solve, not only the climate crisis, but the many financial woes that plague the current monetary systems used by governments and corporations and the like. After years of experiments with alternative energy systems that produce electricity such as photovoltaic arrays on rooftops of houses and electric cars, one day in a eureka moment we imagined that our very money had the power to produce electricity. After brain storming a few days we began experimenting with a medium of exchange we coined, "Photovoltaic Money". After we set up several successful experiments we began putting together a scientific paper on the subject for publication which is now finished and available at the following link at SSRN, Photovoltaic Money

Once the photovoltaic cash is produced in sufficient quantities, people all over the world will want to display their collection into the sunshine, so to do this we will also need to produce these apparatus to make this activity very convenient, and efficient, as well as simple. The ideal system for PV coins would involve a transparent case where PV coins can be inserted automatically, creating the connections, then a locking mechanism to securely place them into the sunlight. The power cells for storage can also be included in this case. Two such clear cases once loaded with PV coin can power, or recharge all major small electronics currently on the market such as entertainment, computing, communication, lifestyle, cameras, health devices, cordless tools, and many small kitchen appliances.

The world currently uses around 18 terawatts of electricity from all forms of electrical producers. This factor is considering obsolete fossil fuel technologies, and many related brick and mortar businesses, including engine manufacturing, refineries, gasoline stations, and combustion engine parts stores, just to name a few, that will shut down going offline and reducing the electrical load on the grids of the world. Something to consider is that 85 % of all things currently manufactured are produced as support for the failed combustion engine automobile industry on this planet. Once this huge electrical burden is eliminated, the whole human race could free itself from all other forms of electrical generation thus depending on the sun entirely before the end of this current century. We are already seeing this trend occur, and will only accelerate rapidly in the future. PV produced electricity will very quickly evolve to power all fluid-related heating and cooling applications in homes, and cities. Highways layered with PV technologies will also rapidly cover the entire highway structures of the planet, paralleling electric vehicles technology advances, where the highways become the actual energy storage, constantly being transferred to any commuter EV wirelessly. The solar age of mankind will transform every aspect of our current so-called modern world and will eventually power every single electrical device on the planet. Photovoltaic Money is another way to not only educate the masses about solar energy but introduce them to all the possibilities.

Many countries are now exploring other forms as mediums of exchange from crypto-currencies to petrodollars, to outright fiat paper money with nothing more than human labor backing it up. Photovoltaic Money could become the ultimate alternative to all current forms of exchange. Photovoltaic Money once fully implemented could actually eliminate all current forms of banking upon this planet releasing another huge electrical load on the global grids in the process, yet transforming every city, and community on the planet that is currently mostly centered around combustion engines to becoming centered around a star.

We hope you will take the time to further explore this concept, by studying our paper, where we go further into the specifics of the photovoltaic money technology.

Timothy McBride – Sol-Era R & D

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