This blog is organized and edited by the CUHK Law Faculty’s Centre for Financial Regulation and Economic Development (CFRED). It is designed as a public forum to bring together leading thoughts and important developments in the ensemble of processes and questions that are arising from the application of information technology to law, legal transactions and regulation. That is, entries will address issues of thought under the rubrics ‘fintech’, ‘regtech’ and ‘lawtech’, as well as data privacy and intellectual property.  

Such machine lawyering will impact every aspect of the legal profession, and it is reasonable to assume that the progress of such development will be faster than seen in other areas involving more mechanical activity. Law is essentially information, so none of the physical restraints that impede automation in other areas will limit the reach of information processing in the law. While reasonable persons may disagree on whether this development is positive or negative, few will dispute that machine lawyering is here, and that it will change the practice of law and regulation as we have known it.

About 'machine lawyering'